Our Vision

The energy market landscape is changing fundamentally - from centralized, large-scale power production to local decentralized generation. End-users are equipping themselves with local electricity production, and local storage capacity is increasing rapidly in the form of electric vehicles and stationary batteries. The rise of new technology increases the share of renewable energy but it also increases the complexity of end-user's energy infrastructure. Power2U is a new market actor which designs and operates sustainable local energy systems. We offer a future-proof energy management platform based on open-standard hardware and automation from the industry. Our services enable all types of buildings to participate in digital energy transformation and share the value created by these new opportunities under an attractive business model.

Unlock flexibility - Our offering empowers all types of real-estate owners to gain knowledge of their building portfolio and optimize their energy consumption. At the same time, Power2U unlocks end-user flexibility to assist in balancing demand and supply in the energy market when it is beneficial for both building owner and utility.

Aggregate flexibility - Power2U operates from a cloud-based service platform. Continuous monitoring of system performance gives real-estate owners deeper insights on their buildings health. Secure transfer and storage of data in the cloud opens up for the possibility of applying new optimization algorithms with machine learning. Through the cloud platform, Power2U can aggregate flexibility. All assets, be it battery, EV charger or HVAC system have a range in which flexible operation is possible.

Deliver flexibility - By aggregating several types of assets from different types of building owners, Power2U can offer flexibility services to energy utilities. Thereby increasing asset utilization and contributing to stable, sustainable and flexible energy systems, which will be increasingly characterized by weather-dependent and small-scale production leading to imbalances.

Power2U enables the transformation from the traditional, linear and centralised system to a decentralised, digital and flexbile energy system based on renewable energy.